When you are using CloudyCluster through the GCP Marketplace, the support included is next business day email support at
Please include your name, account the name is in and the account ID in any support communications and the version of CloudyCluster you are using.

If you would like additional options for support, Omnibond offers custom plans please contact


Current Issues

If there are outstanding issues with images in the GCP Marketplace we will put that information here and give you an ETA as soon as possible.

Current Release is 2.0:

CloudyCluster 2.0 issues:

  • When deleting HPC environments the final items may not clear off the page automatically, a page refresh will make them go away.

Please check back here if you think you may have an issue and we may already have a workaround, if not, the contact us via email and we will help resolve it. Thanks! and happy computing!