Cloudify Gateways Awardees

The Cloudify Gateways solicitation was developed to help developers to enable their Science Gatways in the Google Cloud.

The 4 awardees of the SGCI, Google, CloudyCluster Cloudify Gateways solicitation have exciting projects that we are looking forward to working with through this program.

Here are the projects:

Making the Open OnDemand Platform Cloud Deployable

Cloudify Diagram

Principle Investigators:

  • Alan Chalker, Ohio Supercomputer Center
  • David Hudak, Ohio Supercomputer Center
  • Robert Settlage, Virginia Tech
  • Robert DeLeon, University at Buffalo

For more information on Open OnDemand visit

Integrating COSMIC2 to GCP through CloudyCluster

Cloudify Diagram

Principle Investigator:

  • Michael Cianfrocco, University of Michigan

for more information visit

Cyber Range – Educational Gateway for Cyber Security Training/Education

Cloudify Diagram

Principle Investigators:

  • Songjie Wang, University of Missouri
  • Prasad Calyam, University of Missouri

Cloudify Gateways: Federated Science Gateway for On-Demand Research Analysis and Collaborative Knowledge (ODSACK)

Cloudify Diagram

Principle Investigator:

  • Je’aime Powell, Texas Advanced Computing Center

We are excited to see how these project progress. We additionally look forward to continuing to support projects such as these with CloudyCluster.

If you have ideas or comments please reach out to

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